Warning signs for baby after discharge

Warning signs for baby after discharge

Notify your health care provider if:

  • It is hard to wake up your baby or your baby won’t stay awake for feedings.
  • Your baby will not stop crying despite feeding and consoling techniques
  • Your baby feels hot to touch and has a temperature higher than 37.4 °C (100°F) under the arm when dressed appropriately for the room
  • Your baby is vomiting after every feed
  • Your baby has diarrhea (more than 10-12 watery bowel movements in 24 hours if breastfeeding OR more than 6 watery bowel movements in 24 hours if formula feeding)
  • Your baby has NOT had a bowel movement for 24-48 hrs once your milk is in or if you are formula feeding, and your baby is acting uncomfortable or in pain.
  • Your baby is still passing meconium (black tar-like stool) after 5 days.
  • Your baby is not having enough wet diapers:

Day 1= At least 1 wet diaper

Day 2= At least 2 wet diapers

Day 3= At least 3 wet diapers

Day 4= At least 4 wet diapers

Day 5 to 3 Weeks= At least 6 wet diapers

  • Your baby does not feed at least 8 times in 24 hours, or you cannot hear your baby swallowing.
  • Your baby continues to lose weight after day 3 (always weigh your baby on the same scale)
  • Your baby’s skin is yellow or the whites of his/her eyes are yellow
  • Your babies tongue, lips, and inside of his/her mouth looks and feels dry
  • There is blood, pus or a foul odor coming from your baby’s umbilical cord. Or if the skin around the umbilical cord is red.
  • There is yellow or green discharge coming from your baby’s eye(s)
  • Your baby has white patches inside his/her mouth, cheeks or tongue that do not rub off.
  • You are worried or think your baby is sick (trust your instincts, you know your baby best)
If you are concerned about yourself or your baby and cannot get in to see your doctor or midwife, please come to the Emergency Department.

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