Pre-Admit Clinic

Pre-Admit Clinic
Your appointment in our Pre-Admit Clinic offers you the chance to meet with one of our nurses to discuss what to expect when you arrive at the hospital and what will happen during your stay (if your appointment is in-person - see below).
Your Pre-Admit appointment may be in-person or over the phone:
  • In person - If this is your first birth at STEGH, if you are planning a caesarean section, if you have had complications with your pregnancy, or if your obstetrician or midwife anticipates complications with your birth, you will be encouraged to visit in-person for your Pre-Admit appointment. Please allow approximately 45 minutes for your appointment.
  • You may wish to complete your Pre-Assessment Form at home. Click here to access the form. Once completed, print it out and bring it with you to the hospital.
  • Over the phone - If you have previously birthed a baby at STEGH, are planning a vaginal delivery, do not have complications that might affect your delivery, a phone Pre-Admit appointment will be scheduled. Plan to be on the phone for approximately 25 minutes.
Pre-Admits for vaginal deliveries generally take place when you are 34-36 weeks pregnant. If you are scheduling a caesarean section, your Pre-Admit will be booked for two days prior to your surgery.
All pre-admits are booked through the ward clerk, who is available from 8am until 4pm on weekdays.

Contact the ward clerk: 519-631-2020, Ext. 2196.