Integrated Stroke Unit

Providing Acute & Rehabilitative Care to Patients

Integrated Stroke Unit

STEGH is one of four District Stroke Centres in the South West region. The Integrated Stroke Unit (ISU) provides care, service and support to patients living in St. Thomas and Elgin County who have experienced a stroke.

The ISU is a specialized unit dedicated to the management of stroke patients and provides both acute and rehabilitative care to patients during their stay following a stroke.

The patient remains on the same unit, in the same bed, surrounded by key team members who work collaboratively to help the patient with all aspects of their care. Each multidisciplinary team member assesses, develops, and implements creative patient-centered care plans based on evidence and Stroke Best Practice Standards.

The ISU is comprised of eight beds (three acute stroke beds and five stroke rehab beds).


24 hours per day; 7 days per week


Phone: 519-631-2030, ext. 2950


The Integrated Stroke Unit is located in the South Building of the hospital on the first floor.