Medical Device Reprocessing

Following Strict CSA Guidelines

Medical Device Reprocessing

The Medical Device Reprocessing Department (MDRD) is proud to provide reprocessing services of medical instruments and devices to care providers within our hospital.  All reprocessing is conducted by certified Medical Device Reprocessing Assistants following strict CSA standards in our state of the art department.

Medical devices follow a one way flow through the MDRD’s three main zones:

Decontamination: devices and instruments enter soiled.  They are inspected, disinfected and manually cleaned before entering our automated washer disinfectors.

Assembly & Sterilization: clean devices and instruments exit the washer disinfectors into the clean Assembly & Sterilization space.  Here items are inspected for cleanliness, function and repair.  They are re-assembled to manufactures specifications, wrapped or packaged for use and sterilized by either steam sterilization (or chemical sterilization for items that are heat sensitive).

Storage & Distribution: Package and sterilized items next flow into our Storage & Distribution area.  From here the items are deliver to our customers, some of whom include Outpatient procedural spaces, Obstetrics and Emergency Department, or stored. MDRD primarily serves Surgical Services by collecting together each specific instrument for each individual surgical procedure.


Manager, Medical Device Reprocessing
Phone: 519-631-2030 Ext. 2336