Strategic Plan

Creating A Healthier Tomorrow

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2019-2024

St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital has launched a new Strategic Plan, referred to as IMAGINE 2024: Creating a Healthier Tomorrow. The Plan will serve as a road map for the next five years, which will guide the organization’s work to improve health care for patients and the community.

“Ontario’s health care system is in the midst of an ongoing transformative process that is focused on meeting the needs of an aging, and increasingly complex, population,” says Robert Biron, President and CEO at STEGH. “I am proud to share the details of our new Strategic Plan, which builds on the incredible work that has been achieved to date, and positions STEGH well to seize opportunities for improved patient care that lie ahead.”
Our new Strategic Plan identifies four Strategic Directions and is guided by a new Mission statement, a Shared Vision, and a strong, redefined set of core Values.
Our new Strategic Plan will transform STEGH to meet today's challenges and take advantage of tomorrow's opportunities.

Our Strategic Directions: 

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