About Your Stay

Excellent Patient Care Experience

About Your Stay

We strive to ensure that every patient receives the highest quality of care and support for their involvement in the decision-making process about the treatment and care they receive.

We strive to provide an inclusive and accessible environment that identifies, removes and prevents barriers to inclusion and full participation for all members of our community.

Patient care is guided by our Code of Conduct to ensure an excellent patient care experience.

Co-gendering at STEGH

Placing patients of opposite genders in the same hospital room

In order to speed up access to hospital beds for patients who are waiting, hospitals across Ontario have adopted the practice of placing patients of different genders in the same hospital room. At STEGH, we are committed to using our resources in the best ways possible, so that all patients get the right care at the right time. Patients may occasionally share the same room when there is a demand for in-patient beds and a room with the same gender isn’t possible.  Patient safety is always considered when placing a patient in a room, as is the patient’s privacy. The priority for all patients is always ensuring their health care needs are met and supporting them to return safely home. If this practice is uncomfortable for you, please talk to a member of your health care team.