Infection Control

Reducing Risk of Infections

Infection Control

The purpose of the Infection Control Service is to reduce the risk of infections and related adverse events among patients, staff, visitors and other hospital users.

Our goals are to:

  • Provide an effective surveillance program through the systematic collection and statistical analyses of targeted hospital acquired infections.
  • Provide formal and informal education on the principles and practices of Infection Prevention and Control to all hospital users.
  • Translate federal and provincial infection control guidelines into practices for the front line professionals.
  • Provide internal and external consultation on matters relating to the prevention and control of infections.
  • Maintain liaison with public health, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and allied professionals.
  • Adhere to accreditation standards.


Wash your hands

Most germs in hospitals can be spread by unclean hands. Each time a person touches an object or another person, germs go along for the ride. Once an infection starts, it can quickly spread to you, your family, and other patients.



Infection Control Service
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