Continuing Care Centre

Compassion & Excellence

Continuing Care Centre

The Continuing Care Centre is committed to compassion and excellence in the provision of complex care and rehabilitation services. We strive to meet the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of each person. We believe in treating each person with respect, dignity and compassion.

Three levels of care are provided in our CCC unit that include:
  • Activation/Restoration – with a functional goal of progression (i.e. exercise and recreational activities) to increase and strengthen independence.  The average length of stay in this program is 56 to 72 days.
  • Short Term Complex Medical Management – with a functional goal of stabilization and progressions (i.e. medically complex and specialized services) to help avoid further loss of function, increase activity tolerance, and progress. The average length of stay in this program is up to 90 days.
  • Long-term Complex Medical Management – with a functional goal of maintenance (i.e. medically complex and specialized services over an extended period of time) to maintain/slow the rate of, or avoid, further loss of function.
During your stay on CCC, we encourage you to:
  • be engaged and participate in your care to the extent that you are able
  • let us know if you feel there has been a change in your health condition
  • participate and be motivated
  • to sit at the bedside for meals, if able
  • to mobilize (Movement Matters) according to the recommendations from the therapy team
  • be encouraged to follow the recommendations of the health care team
  • we will support your independence and autonomy keeping in mind the safety of you and staff
  • understand your care plan, goals and plans for discharge
  • to attend therapy sessions
  • to treat others with dignity and respect
  • to ask questions if you don’t understand what is being asked of you
  • provide feedback on the care that you received at our hospital by completing a Patient Experience Survey prior to discharge


Offices - Monday to Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Phone: 519-631-2030 Ext. 2308


The Continuing Care Centre is part of the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital, located on the upper floor of the South Building.