Warning signs for mom after birth

Warning signs for mom after birth

Notify your doctor or midwife if:

  • You are having heavy or increased vaginal bleeding.  (If you are soaking a pad in one hour or less, or passing meaty clots larger than a loonie, it is probably too much bleeding).
  • Bleeding should change from bright red to pink then brown/yellow.

• 2-5 Days postpartum= bright red bleeding

• 4-10 Days postpartum= pink/ brown bleeding

• 1-2 weeks= creamy/ yellow discharge

  • You are having discharge from your vagina that has a foul smell.
  • You have a fever over 38° (102° F) or you feel cold and have the chills (shivering).
  • You are having difficulty peeing.
  • You have not had a bowel movement in 3-4 days after delivery.
  • You had a c-section and your incision is more painful, red, swollen, has a foul odor, or leaking.
  • You are experiencing flu like symptoms.
  • Your breasts are sore, red, warm or lumpy.
  • There is no change in your breast size/ volume by 5 days after delivery (if breastfeeding).
  • Your pain has become worse since going home.
  • You are having trouble breathing, are dizzy or feel faint.
  • You are having crying spells or mood swings that feel out of control.
  • You have thoughts of purposely harming yourself or your baby.