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Holiday Health Tips [News]

Published On: December 4, 2019

It's never fun to be sick for the holidays. Ensure you don't turn green like the grinch. Follow these steps to keep your health in tact this holiday season.

Tree of Life honours organ & tissue donation [News]

Published On: October 29, 2019

St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital has erected a life-sized Tree of Life to symbolize the strength and vibrancy of life. Each handcrafted leaf on the tree acknowledges an organ and/or tissue donor at STEGH, and reflects on the generosity and hope that organ and tissue donation offers to both families and to recipients.

Cervical Cancer is Almost Always Preventable [News]

Published On: October 21, 2019

Every year, about 750 people in Ontario will get cervical cancer and about 160 people will die from it. Getting screened regularly is important because it can find abnormal cells that could become cancer (called pre-cancers). Finding pre-cancers and treating them can prevent you from getting cancer.

Screening Saved My Life: Corinne’s Story of Strength and Survival [News]

Published On: September 30, 2019

One in eight women are expected to develop breast cancer during her lifetime. Corinne Roos did not think she would be the one. It came just one day after losing her 13-year old German Shepherd – the call from her family doctor that would change Corinne’s life. She had breast cancer. “It’s hard to describe […]

St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital is now a Fully Accredited Breast Assessment Program [News]

Published On: August 27, 2019

STEGH has received formal recognition by Cancer Care Ontario as a breast assessment program. This means, STEGH joins 70 centres across the province that offer a complete complement of services in the prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer.

National Medical Lab Week [News]

Published On: May 21, 2019

April 21 – 27 is National Medical Laboratory Week. Medical Laboratory Professionals are essential to your health. Whenever or wherever you need them, they are on your health care team. Have you ever wondered what goes on in the laboratory at STEGH? Watch this video and find out: Medical Lab Week 2019 on Biteable.

Building Connections with our Patients [News]

Published On: May 17, 2019

We have introduced a communication framework at St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital (STEGH) to build more connection between staff, patients, and families to ensure an excellent patient experience in every visit. 

360 Degrees of Mental Health [News]

Published On: May 10, 2019

With at least 1 in 5 Canadians experiencing a mental health disorder in their lifetime according to a 2015 study by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, there’s a vast spectrum of possible mental health challenges affecting just as broad a spectrum of people. Yet there remains a commonality: mental health impacts how you feel and function in some of the most significant areas of your life.

Doctor’s Day [News]

Published On: April 29, 2019

May 1 is Doctor’s Day. May 1st was chosen as Doctors’ Day in Ontario to mark the birthday of Dr. Emily Stowe, Canada’s first female practising physician, and a founder of the women’s movement in Canada. Doctors at STEGH work hard every day to treat and care for their patients. As leaders in evolving health […]

Unsung Heroes of Health Care [News]

Published On: April 8, 2019

The blue vests that you see roaming the halls of the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital is a familiar sight to many patients, visitors, and staff. Our volunteers are the unsung heroes of healthcare … their dedication, commitment and compassion for our families, friends and neighbours is evident in their friendly smiles, and their warm and welcoming greetings to everyone who walks through our doors.