Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO)

Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO)

Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) is a provincial initiative with the goal of enhancing services for older adults experiencing responsive behaviours and their family/caregivers by providing them with the right care at the right time, and in the right place (at home, in long-term care, or elsewhere).

Who does the BSO serve?

Older adults with cognitive impairments, mental health concerns, additions or other neurological conditions who exhibit a recent change in responsive behaviours that cause concern to the person, their family/caregiver.

What are responsive behaviours?

  • Expressions of unmet needs or fears
  • Behaviours that cause distress to the person, their family or caregiver
  • Behaviours that cause safety concerns
  • Agitation, aggression, anxiety, wandering, and apathy

These behaviours can often be helped with better communication strategies and care planning.

BSO Mobile Outreach Team

The Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) Outreach Team provides urgent in-home assessment for older adults with dementia, mental health concerns, addictions, or other conditions that affect behaviours that cause concern for the person or their family and/or caregivers.

BSO works collaboratively with caregivers, families and the patient’s health care team to create a plan to manage the behaviour and provide support. This can include when the person moves into long-term care. The BSO has access to a Geriatric Psychiatrist and other community support services if these services are required.

The BSO Outreach Team provides short-term consultation and follow up. If needed, they provide education and support to families/caregivers, staff in long-term care, the hospital and the community.

BSO Transition Support Team

This service is designed to assist older adults with dementia, mental health diagnoses, or addictions who have behavioural concerns to transition from one care setting to another. Transitions in care can be difficult for the person and their family. This service helps to bridge the gap by creating person-centred care plans that can help the person adjust to their new environment and minimize behaviours.

How do you contact the BSO Team?

Patients can self-refer, or a referral can be made by a doctor or nurse practitioner.

Contact Information

Behavioural Supports Ontario
St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital
P: 519.631.2030, extension 5025

Elgin Geriatric Services Referral Form (for Physicians and Nurse Practitioners ONLY)
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