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Mark Andrew Noewen
Mark Andrew Noewen


Mark Andrew Nouwen is beginning to plan for his future and is looking months and years ahead instead of focusing on just getting through the day. He credits St. Thomas Elgin General's Mental Health Program for his new found sense of hope. Mark Andrew says STEGH has provided him with "a safe place where I can commit to my personal healing and development in a way that I haven't been able to experience for a very long time."

Mark Andrew has dealt with depression and anxiety since he was a teenager and has accessed care in a number of communities in Ontario while attending school and college. Originally from Elgin County, he was home visiting - with no intention of staying - when he made the decision to explore what mental health services were available to him in St. Thomas. Shortly afterwards, STEGH opened its new mental health and addictions program in January 2014 and Mark Andrew has been receiving care since.

"From day one, I have never experienced more thorough and compassionate care. Two things that people with mental illness experience are isolation thinking we are the only ones going through mental illness, and the second is a lack of knowing where to go to get help. Both are huge barriers to people receiving mental health care. STEGH has helped me in both areas through and both individual and group outpatient therapy. I don't feel judged and I don't feel like a statistic."

"STEGH has shown me that there is a place in Elgin County with a dedicated, professional and compassionate team to provide care for patients requiring mental health care," adds Mark Andrew.

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“From day one, I have never experienced more thorough and compassionate care.”