Wait Times

Our vision is to deliver an excellent patient care experience. Part of that vision includes doing what we can to improve access to services and reduce wait times.

The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care launched a website to report on wait times for five major health services at select Ontario hospitals, as part of the Provincial Government's Wait Time Strategy (WTS). The strategy is designed to increase access and reduce wait times for: Cancer surgery, Select Cardiac procedures (angioplasty, angiography and bypass surgery), Hip and Knee total joint replacements, Cataract surgery, and MRI and CT exams.

Wait times are measured in days, and reflect the length of time from the decision to have surgery to the completion of the procedure, for those patients who had surgery within the identified time period. The web site provides a snapshot of wait times for a three-month time period.

Visit the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care website at Ontario Wait Times to view Emergency Room wait times and Surgical and Diagnostic Imaging wait times wait times for all Ontario hospitals including STEGH.

www.myhospitalcare.ca - This website reflects the Ontario Hospital Association’s (OHA) commitment to transparency and openness concerning the performance of hospitals and the health care system. The site is designed to make public information about hospitals not only accessible, but useful to prospective and recurring patients, and their families. By making this performance data more easily accessible to the public, the OHA is also helping hospitals become more accountable.