What’s Your WHY?

What’s Your WHY?
Mildred Santos - Registered Nurse, Acute Medicine Unit
Mildred Santos
Registered Nurse, Acute Medicine Unit
"“I believe that nursing is not just a profession, but a vocation. Answering this "calling" is what drives me to do good work every day. Every patient deserves the service they are entitled to. I try each day to put myself in their shoes. My biggest motivation is my daughters. My husband and I swear not just to provide, but to set good examples for them. We want them to see that our work is important to us - that we love our work by reporting to work as scheduled, and that we enjoy what we are doing. Work fills a large part of our lives. The only way to be satisfied is to do what we believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what we do. I am privileged to work with a dynamic team. I never feel I am alone with my patients. Way to go team STEGH!”
Lisa Boulet - Senior Cardiovascular Technologist - Cardiorespiratory
Lisa Boulet
Senior Cardiovascular Technologist - Cardiorespiratory
"Coming to the hospital can be a stressful event. I am fortunate to be able to alleviate some of that stress and worry simply by doing my job with compassion and kindness. It is often a small act of kindness that lifts a patient’s spirits. I learn something from each patient story and am honoured to serve our community and be part of an organization that strives to offer excellent care.I love the people I work with! I have made many connections with co-workers, doctors and staff. When I walk into the building I feel loved and cared for. I enjoy working at STEGH because we have a culture unlike any other. I have recently had the opportunity to assist in growing our team and increasing the number of patients we are able to serve."
Sushil Singh - Housekeeping
Sushil Singh
"My drive to do good work comes from believing that everyone deserves the very best from me, and everyone deserves a heart that is full. It leaves me feeling happy too. I come to work to join hands with my colleagues who are wonderful caregivers, and who do extra to benefit the quality of life of our patients and community. I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to learn and grow both personally and professionally. There are many in-house training programs available to every employee, regardless of their occupation. This makes work fun and exciting. STEGH offers a friendly working environment where everyone is respectful. Hard work is rewarded with happy and satisfied patients. As a Housekeeper, I ensure the hospital is safe for everyone. I love working with people and I love my work at STEGH.”
Megan Graves - Registered Nurse Women & Children's Department
Megan Graves
Registered Nurse Women & Children's Department
"It is a privilege to care for families during some of the most vulnerable times in their lives. When I became a nurse, I promised to never take this privilege for granted; it's been a motivating force throughout my nursing career. On Women and Children's we share in some of the best and hardest days of people's lives. Regardless of the circumstances, it's my goal to always make a lasting, positive impact through quality, compassionate care. After having both of my children at STEGH, I want every patient to feel as safe, comfortable, and cared for as I did."
Gina Jackson - Manager, Staffing, Scheduling & Workforce Planning
Gina Jackson
Manager, Staffing, Scheduling & Workforce Planning
"Our team impacts patient care by ensuring we have the right person scheduled at the right time every day. The team is amazing and dedicated to doing the best job possible. Everyone rolls up their sleeves to get the job done; we're not afraid to test and trial. Staff have respect for each other and strive to continuously improve for the betterment of patient care. It makes me proud to work in a hospital that believes in its leadership team and frontline staff. It's a great place to work!"