Masking Requirement to Continue at STEGH

Published On: June 9, 2022

Although COVID-19 related hospitalizations and critical illnesses are declining across the province, vulnerable populations continue to be at heightened risk of COVID-19 infections and other acute respiratory illnesses. STEGH is committed to doing everything possible to keep patients and staff safe. This includes following best practices in infection, prevention and occupational health practices.

STEGH will continue to maintain masking requirements in hospital for the foreseeable future, even after provincial masking requirements in other public spaces are lifted on June 11, 2022. The masking requirement is a visible demonstration of our commitment to keep our elderly and immune compromised patients safe, ensures that health care workers are available for a sustainable delivery of service, and reflects our commitment to reduce the opportunity for outbreaks. This decision is consistent with the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario, Dr. Moore’s statement on masking, supports the recommendation of the Ontario Hospital Association, and is aligned with the practices of other hospitals in the South West region.

Anyone entering the hospital must follow screening, hand washing, and masking processes. For those unable to follow these practices, accommodations may be considered.