Holiday Health Tips

Published On: December 4, 2019

It’s never fun to be sick for the holidays. Ensure you don’t turn green like the grinch. Follow these steps to keep your health in tact this holiday season.

  1. Get the flu shot – it’s your best defense against the flu and will help protect others, including the most vulnerable, from the serious complications of influenza
  2. Wash your hands often – washing with soap and water for at least 15 seconds helps keep the virus from spreading – or use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
  3. Cover your mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze and then throw it out – if you don’t have a tissue, cough into your upper sleeve
  4. Don’t touch your face – the flu virus enters your body through your eyes, nose and mouth
  5. Stay at home when you’re sick – viruses spread more easily in group settings
  6. Clean and disinfect surfaces and shared items – viruses can live for up to 48 hours on hard surfaces
  7. Plan ahead – make sure you or your loved ones have what you need over the holidays no matter where you intend to spend your holidays
  8. Use the emergency department wisely – it’s a precious commodity and this is the busiest time of year
  9. If your symptoms become a concern, call Telehealth Ontario, your family doctor, nurse practitioner or the on-call service or visit a walk-in clinic
  10. Remember, your pharmacy can also provide a variety of helpful services over the holidays and can even provide emergency supplies of medicine, in a pinch