St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Adds 24 Leaves to “Tree of Life” in Tribute to Organ and Tissue Donation

Published On: April 8, 2024

St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital (STEGH) is delighted to unveil the addition of 24 donor leaves to its “Tree of Life,” a heartfelt tribute honoring the profound impact of organ and tissue donation at STEGH.

In recognition of Be a Donor Month, the hospital acknowledges the selfless acts of two organ donors, whose generosity gave the gift of life to five individuals, alongside 22 tissue donors, each represented by a singular leaf on the tree. These compassionate gestures of donation transpired between March and December 2023.

Mike Cullen, Manager of the Intensive Care Unit and co-lead for Organ and Tissue Donation at STEGH, expresses the significance of recognizing the remarkable decisions made by donors and their families during challenging times. “Their noble choices have resulted in the countless lives being saved,” notes Cullen. “I urge everyone to consider organ and tissue donation.”

The Tree of Life, adorned with nearly 150 handcrafted leaves, stands as a symbol of hope and gratitude, situated outside the Intensive Care Unit within the Hallway of Heroes.

With over 4 million Ontarians formally registering their consent for organ and tissue donation, including an impressive 47% from St. Thomas, the hospital encourages open conversations within families regarding donation decisions. To register or for more information, visit