Diagnostic Imaging now receiving eReferrals

Published On: February 1, 2023

St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging (DI) department is now able to receive DI eReferrals as part of the Ontario eServices Program using Ocean software. Primary care clinicians and specialists are able to send electronic referrals directly to the DI department from most electronic medical records (EMRs).

eReferral provides many benefits for primary care clinicians and specialists including:

  • Administrative time savings
  • Integration with most EMRs (TELUS PS Suite® EMR, Accuro® EMR or OSCAR EMR)
  • Improved communication between clinicians and patients
  • Ability for patients to confirm appointments electronically
  • Decreases the need for multiple follow-up phone calls

Patients are also benefiting from eReferral and improving their overall healthcare experience. Until now, patients could wait weeks to be notified of their DI appointment time. The eReferral solution gives patients the option of being notified by email throughout the appointment booking process.

“I received my appointment time within minutes of the NP sending the referral electronically and no wasted paper!” – eReferral Mammography patient