Redevelopment Projects

Surgical Services

  • Larger state-of-the-art Operating Rooms
  • Separate rooms for minor surgical procedures
  • Expanded Post-Anesthetic Care Unit (Recovery) and Day Surgery Unit
  • Large recovery bays to maximize patient privacy, increase comfort, and reduce anxiety
  • Dedicated elevators directly linked to the Medical Device Reprocessing Department for increased safety and infection control

A Vision Come To Life

Standards of care and best practices were very different when our hospital was first built in 1954. Advancements in medical care, treatments, computerization and technology, and a significant growth in the number of patients continued to put pressure on the available space of the existing structure.

“We have to give the original developers credit for being able to design an OR that can function 60 years in the future,” says Dr. Robert Black surgeon and past Chief of Surgery at STEGH. “That’s the task at hand now and you have to be a bit of a visionary.”

A vision Dr. Black is excited to see come to life, with the old space proving especially challenging for the surgical department. Of the three old surgical suites, only one was large enough to accommodate orthopaedic surgeries. This is not the the case in the new space with four identical, state-of the art surgical suites built in the new facility.

Patient Mark Frost underwent hip replacement surgery at STEGH and was extremely pleased with the care and service provided.

“Everyone is very good at what they do, but it’s how they go about it that impressed me. They treated me great and in a very fun and friendly manner,” said Mr. Frost.

And while the old physical space didn’t negatively impact his care experience, Mr. Frost can see how newer facilities will benefit staff.

“It was a little crowded at times for the staff to get around to do their work and there were a few of us lined up in the hallway waiting, so I can see how that might be an issue for the staff. But for me as a patient, it was a very good experience,” adds Mr. Frost.

Also included in the redevelopment of the surgical suites are;

  • Expanded Post-Anaesthetic Care Unit (recovery room) and Day Surgery Unit
  • Large recovery bays to maximize patient privacy, increase comfort, and reduce anxiety;
  • Separate procedure room for minor surgical procedures

STEGH has a very active outpatient surgery program and sees close to 7,000 day surgery patients annually from a range of surgical services including, dental, ear/nose/ throat, general, gynecological, maxillofacial, ophthalmology, orthopaedic and urology. The most common day procedures include colonoscopy with 1,675 and cataract procedures, 695 respectively during the last fiscal year.

“The new space allows for greater patient privacy and comfort while at the same time allowing for smooth transitions and greater efficiency throughout the perioperative journey,” says Penny Lipcsik, Manager, Surgical Services at STEGH.

These new facilities will most certainly help our staff continue to deliver safe, quality, compassionate care like we did for Mary McBain.

“My entire experience with my knee replacement surgery was simply outstanding, including the anesthesiologist, surgeon, nurses and physiotherapists. The care and understanding I received from all staff in the orthopaedic unit was exceptional. “