Redevelopment Projects

Medical Device Reprocessing Department

  • Closely located to key services to improve efficiencies
  • Centralized traffic flow and design for containment of contaminants generated during reprocessing
  • Restricted access and one-way workflow

Improving Our Efficiencies

Medical Devices are used in nearly every medical procedure. The role of the Medical Device Reprocessing Department is to decontaminate, inspect, maintain, sterilize or disinfect medical devices, ensuring they function as expected and safe to reuse. The new MDR was designed to current standards and has distinct and separate physical work areas that ensure core reprocessing functions are maintained. Distinct areas include decontamination, the primary point of entry for soiled equipment and instruments are received, disassembled and cleaned; assembly area where medical devices are inspected, reassembled appropriately packaged and labelled; sterilization where the sterilization process and monitoring occurs; and storage and distribution where all items are held until they are needed for use. 

Helen Nichols

I’ve been looking forward to working in a bigger space with more efficient equipment and faster cleaning cycles. The new dedicated elevators to transport equipment make a huge difference in our work - we spend more valued time processing trays. It has been exiting to be involved with the Redevelopment Project team knowing the flow of the work and having input in the final design.”


- Helen Nichols, MDR

MDR provides services to all departments but has a particular focus on surgical services, emergency and ambulatory care. The new department is closely located to key services to improve efficiencies. The benefits include its strategic location to surgical and emergency services, dedicated elevators for transporting soiled and clean items, restricted access and one-way workflow.