SSI: Prevention & Control

What is STEGH doing to improve patient safety?

The goal of this indicator is to ensure a very important step in preventing surgical site infections is being used. The public reporting of this indicator will reveal the percentage of all eligible patients who get antibiotics at the right time, just before a "first time" joint replacement surgery. Our current percentage is a benchmark and we are working towards full compliance of administering antibiotics in every hip and knee joint replacement surgery.

Infection Prevention and Control collaboratively with the Surgical team actively track all patients who have received “first time” joint replacement surgery through review of their antibiotic timing, the patient condition and surgical recovery for over the next year. The STEGH Health Care team reviews the data collected to identify our compliance and implement any required improvements. STEGH uses the components of the Surgical Site Prevention bundle as developed by Safer Healthcare Now to review and improve our practice when required.

What can patients do to help reduce their chances of infection?

  • Follow the pre-operation instructions given to you by your surgeon and health care team.
  • Frequent hand cleaning is another way to prevent the spread of infection. Hand hygiene involves everyone in the hospital, including patients.

More patient-specific information is available at:

Visit the Ministry of Health Care and Long-Term Care website to view other hospital's rates. If you have any questions about this information or about our hospital’s infection prevention and control program, please contact us.