Patient Safety: Prevention & Control

What is STEGH doing to improve patient safety?

STEGH has implemented the ‘Just Clean Your Hands’ hand hygiene program. We audit our compliance with this program and share the results with staff so that we can identify any areas of improvement. STEGH audits our practices for isolation precautions and environmental cleaning to identify any areas for improvement. STEGH ensures patient equipment is dedicated to an isolation room or if needed to be removed is cleaned in accordance to best practice to prevent spread. 

STEGH has facilitated hand hygiene and infection prevention through the use of patient and staff education at orientation, staff bi-annual education sessions and individual learning through the implementation of the MOHLTC IPAC Core Competencies. The core competencies education consist of three modules (Hand Hygiene, Routine Practice and Chain of Transmission) that focus on providing consistent information that focuses on the transmission, prevention, and control of organisms. These modules help to ensure our practices align with the evidence based best practices and promote safe patient care. 

STEGH is very pleased to introduce new hand hygiene stations throughout the organization that emphasize how important hand hygiene will help prevent infections and keep our patients, visitors and staff safe. 

‘Clean Hands Saves Lives’ posters are posted throughout the hospital as part of the second phase of OHA Patient Safety Campaign introducing the role of the patient and family in preventing infections. 

What can patients do to help improve their own safety?

Hand hygiene involves everyone in the hospital, including patients. Hand cleaning is one of the best ways you and your health care team can prevent the spread of many infections. Patients and their visitors should also practice good hand hygiene before and after entering patient rooms. 

If you are a patient in our hospital we welcome you to participate in the hand hygiene campaign by asking us if we have used the hand hygiene cleanser as we enter your room. 

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