Patient Partnership Program

About the Patient Partnership Program

The Patient Partnership Program recruits, selects, and orients, STEGH patients and family members to become partners in hospital planning and decision-making activities.

Why become a Patient Partner?

By becoming a Patient Partner, you will influence the care and service offering for our patients and their families. You will:

  • Share your thoughts and ideas
  • Contribute to hosptial change and transformation
  • Work with staff to improve the care and service for patients

What will I do in a Patient Partner role?

  • Attend orientation, training and mentorship from STEGH staff and experienced Patient Partners 
  • Attend meetings and other opportunities
  • Focus on the objectives of the project or initiative you are involved in
  • Be committed to improving the care and services related to the project or initiative 
  • Actively participate in meetings by sharing your story, providing feedback and opinions

Who can become a Patient Partner?

Any former STEGH patient or family member who is:

  • Living well with their health condition
  • Able to attend daytime and early evening meetings
  • Coping well with their hospital experience
  • Able to listen well and enjoy working with others
  • Willing to share their experience to help shape hospital decision-making, care and service
  • Able to attend orientation sessions to prepare for this partner role


Click here to apply to become a Patient Partner.