Declaration of Patient Values & Responsibilities

Our Declaration of Patient Values, balanced with patient responsibilities, was developed in consultation with the community, and reflects what the community has said is important to them when they visit the hospital.

Patient Values

As a patient (or family/friend), I value...

  • Being treated as an individual with unique needs
  • Being treated with respect, dignity and compassion
  • Being listened to, without assumption orjudgement
  • Timely access to care
  • Knowing the names and roles of my health care team
  • My time
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Receiving timely and meaningful information about my care
  • Being encouraged to ask questions and to take part in making decisions about my care
  • Professional behaviour by my health care team
  • A hospital that is welcoming, accessible, clean and safe
  • A clear plan for my care upon discharge
  • The invitation to share feedback about my experience
  • An excellent care experience


Patient Responsibilities

As a patient (or family/friend), I have the responsibility to...

  • Treat the health care team with courtesy and respect
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of others
  • Provide clear information about my illness and notify my health care team of any changes
  • Let staff know immediately when I do not understand any information given to me
  • Voice any concerns about my care immediately so they can be addressed
  • Participate with my health care team
  • Accept responsibility for the decisions I make about my treatment