Patient and Family Centred Care

Patient and Family Centred Care

Patient Centered Care is an approach to health care that respects the central role of the patient and family in the healthcare journey and upholds the importance of the family as a partner on the health care team.  For more information, we encourage you to browse through these various resources.

      What you’re telling us…..

      “Thank you for the swift, accurate and appropriate treatment that I received while in the care of your nurses, doctors, and technical staff.”

      “No words can express how I feel about the care and consideration you gave to me and my family. Thank you.”

      “My family is truly grateful for the team at STEGH. Your skills, knowledge and compassion saved my father’s life. You have made a phenomenal difference in the life of our family.”

      “I want to thank everyone for taking such good care of me. We are so fortunate to have our hospital and all who help make it so great.”

      “The staff on the fifth floor provided the ultimate in support and compassion. St. Thomas is both fortunate and blessed to have our local hospital.”

      “You took really good care of me when I couldn’t do it myself. Everybody had smiles and it made the experience splendid.”

      “The staff was always willing to listen to me and explain things which I really appreciated.”