Going home

The length of time that your baby will stay in the SCN will depend on the reason for admission and the gestational age of your baby at birth. There is no specific weight requirement for discharge from the SCN. The criteria for discharge includes: the baby taking all its feeds by mouth (breast or bottle), continuous weight gain, and baby is deemed stable by the medical team. This generally comes together for babies around the original due date. You will be  given the dates of any follow up appointments that your baby may need, such as a special infant clinic, RSV clinic and eye clinic. We will provide you and your family doctor with a copy of the discharge information. When baby is close to going home, a date will be arranged for you to stay in our Care by Parent Suite.
Care by Parent Suite
Prior to discharge (24-48 hours), you will stay in our Care by Parent Suite. This Suite is a room where you will have your baby with you at all times. Parents are expected to provide all care for their baby, with the support of the nurses from the SCN. This is an opportunity for parents to spend time with their baby alone and to get to know their baby's cues prior to going home.