Board Membership 2019/20

Peter van der Westen

Board Chair
Elected 2017

President, VRM Engineering

Linda Ballantyne

Elected 2019

Retired Registered Nurse 
Former Executive Director of Human Resources, Fanshawe College

Robert Biron

Appointed 2018

President and CEO

Paul Hammond

Appointed in 2020

Vice President of the Professional Staff and Emergency Medicine Physician

Geoff Mills

Appointed 2012

President Professional Staff and Emergency Medicine Physician

Karen Davies

Appointed 2012

Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive

Rick Robertson

Elected 2012

Professor at Richard Ivey School of Business

Sally Martyn

Elected 2017.

Retired Educator

Amy Dale

Elected 2018

Lawyer, Gunn & Associates

Waleed Chehadi

Appointed 2016

Chief of Staff, Intensivist

Dan Ross

First Vice-Chair
Elected 2018

Retired Lawyer

Judy Thorner

Appointed in 2020

Retired Secondary School Principal
STEGH Foundation President

Meaghan Vreman

Elected in 2020

Chartered Professional Accountant

David Harvey

Elected 2019

Former Chief, Alzheimer Society Ontario

Former Manager, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC)

Richard Hodgkinson

Elected 2019

Retired Information Technology Project Manager

Former Senior Strategic Consultant, Innovation Management