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  1. Declaration of Patient Values & Responsibilities

    ... balanced with patient responsibilities, was developed in consultation with the community, and reflects what the community has said is important to them when ...

    2012-02-20 11:36

  2. Why STEGH?

    ... At STEGH, we currently have approximately 860 employees in both full-time and part-time capacities. On average, we recruit ... patient-centred care in the hospital and throughout the community. We have it all: challenging and engaging work, a wide variety of ...

    2016-12-07 14:31

  3. How we care for you

    ... highest quality of care and support for their involvement in the decision-making process about the treatment and care they receive. ... to inclusion and full participation for all members of our community. Patient care is guided by our Code of Conduct to ensure an ...

    2016-11-30 15:44

  4. Patient Experience

    ... for all of our patients and their families and to do this in partnership with patients, families, staff, and our community. We are here to listen to the experiences of our patients and ...

    2018-02-15 15:52

  5. Privacy Laws in Canada

    ... It is based on ten principles that hospitals, doctors, community health care organizations, and other health practicing facilities ...

    2018-02-12 10:46

  6. Mental Health Care

    ... mental illness. Mental illness is much more common than most in the community think. Statistics indicate one in five Canadians will experience it ...

    2018-02-12 13:33

  7. Accessibility

    ... promoting a positive and safe environment for the hospital community that is reflective of the hospital’s organizational values. STEGH ... . Parking Accessible parking is available in all parking lots. Both the East Entrance and South Entrance are accessible ...

    2017-08-11 10:15

  8. About STEGH

    ... a 157-bed facility providing comprehensive 24-hour coverage in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Anesthesia, Emergency, ... in the Southwestern Ontario Medical Education Network as a community hospital training centre for residents in OB/Gyn, Pediatrics, ...

    2018-03-21 10:23

  9. Important Information for Patients and Visitors

    ... Influenza is confirmed to be circulating in the community and the St Thomas Elgin General Hospital (STEGH) is taking extra ...

    2015-01-05 08:18

  10. Accreditation Reports

    ... and visitor to the hospital. Our voluntary participation in accreditation demonstrates our commitment to quality and accountability to our staff, physicians, volunteers, patients and community. Accreditation is one of the most effective ways for hospitals ...

    2018-02-12 10:42