Redevelopment Projects

Community Liaison Committee

STEGH is committed to open and timely communication with our community and neighbours during our redevelopment project.  We have created a Community Redevelopment Liaison Committee with representation from our neighbours, the hospital, the City of St. Thomas and EllisDon, our contractor.  Our goal is to respond to issues, questions and concerns in a timely manner throughout this project and to ensure our community is fully aware and engaged. The Committee can be contacted via email at or by calling 519-631-2020, ext. 2184.

Members of the Community Liaison Committee include:

Brendon Ager, STEGH Coordinator, Redevelopment

John Bod, STEGH Manager, Redevelopment

Richard Hodgkinson, Neighborhood Representative

Ross Patrick, Environmental Services/Operations Division, City of St. Thomas

Steve Wright, EllisDon