Meet Our Team

Dr. Guaiana - Chief of Psychiatry 

Dr. Giuseppe Guaiana is the Chief of Psychiatry at STEGH, and is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Western University. He graduated from the University of Milan, Italy, in 1998 and specialized in Psychiatry in 2002. He worked in United Kingdom, Switzerland. He moved to Canada in 2009. In addition to his clinical and administrative duties, Dr. Guaiana is a researcher and teaches at Western University.

Deb Gibson - Manager, Mental Health Care Program

Deb received her education in Nursing from Western University and has spent her career in acute mental health care; both as a direct care provider and in administration. Deb's passion includes health care ethics, patient  safety and delivering quality care that is consistent with the patient’s values and beliefs. Her recent past experience with program transfer and developing high performing teams within healthcare will be a focus of her work at STEGH.``We are very excited to receive confirmation of the people who are transferring from St. Joseph’s Healthcare to STEGH and looking look forward to working together to build an excellent team to serve the patients and families of our community. We welcome all of you to the team!”

Dr. Laporte - Psychiatrist

Dr. Noel Laporte completed medical school at the University of Saskatchewan in 2001 and completed his residency training in psychiatry at the University of Western Ontario in 2006.  He has work experience in first episode psychosis, geriatric psychiatry, personality disorders and addiction medicine.  Dr. Laporte also has a strong interest in psychotherapy.  Medicine is Dr. Laporte’s second career.  He worked as a professional violinist for several years and is a former member of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and former concertmaster of the Regina Symphony Orchestra.  He is looking forward to joining the STEGH and working with the staff to build a strong mental health program.


Dr. Janzen - MD with Specialty in Psychiatry

Dr. Tom Janzen graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1987. He practiced family medicine in London from July of 1988 until November of 2003 when he transitioned to his current role with Regional Mental Health Care where he has worked full time in mental health. Dr. Janzen brings a unique primary care perspective to psychiatry and understands the challenges encountered by family physicians. He is excited to join STEGH’s new mental health care team and has visions of a comprehensive program which will include a special focus on supporting the primary care providers in the Elgin region.