Board Membership 2017/18

Melanie Taylor

Elected 2009

Facilitator and Coach, The Achievement Centre

Cathy Crane

Elected 2014

Retired Manager, Healthcare

Deborah-Anne Hennessey

Elected 2010

Lawyer - Hennessey Gibson Hogan, Barristers & Solicitors

Dr. Nancy Whitmore

President and CEO

Dr. Phil Andros

Appointed in 2016

Vice President of the Professional Staff and Intensivist

Dr. Geoff Mills

Appointed 2012

President Professional Staff and Emergency Medicine Physician

Karen Davies

Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer

Rick Robertson

Elected 2012

Professor at Richard Ivey School of Business

Sally Martyn

Elected 2017.

Retired Educator

Sandra DiMeo

Appointed 2016

President, STEGH Foundation Board

Brian Orr

Elected 2017

Retired Executive, Healthcare and Human Resources

Pete Williams

Elected 2017

Recruitment Specialist, PW Recruiting

Peter van der Westen

Elected 2017

President, VRM Engineering

Dr. Waleed Chehadi

Appointed 2016

Chief of Staff, Intensivist