Mission, Vision, Values

Our Vision

To deliver an excellent patient care experience, in a safe and compassionate environment, in collaboration with our healthcare partners.

Our Mission

To care for those who access our services while enabling their participation in decisions about their care, and to proactively coordinate their smooth access to other health care services within the broader continuum of care.

To support learning and continuous improvement in the delivery of safe, efficient, quality-oriented, and values-driven services.

To make choices about services and service-delivery options that consistently balance system needs with available resources, in a constantly changing healthcare environment.

To promote a collaborative partnership in education through established affiliations with universities, colleges and tertiary healthcare organizations.

Our Values


  • Qualities include: empathy and sympathy; Active listening (being present and engaged; creating understanding); Advocating for needs of others; Non-judgmental; Focus on relationships; Offer assistance; Nurturing preferred behaviours


  • Qualities include: Honestly and truth telling; Taking ownership; Participating; Being professional; transparency; Ability to reflect on mistakes and learn from them; Questioning the ‘status quo’; Using evidence and facts; Ensuring clarity of communication; Role-modeling desired behaviours


  • Qualities include: Equal treatment regardless of role; Acknowledgement and recognition; Patience; supporting Code of Conduct; Not ‘talking down’ to people; Resolving conflict directly and privately; Responsive to cultural/religious differences


  • Qualities include: Demonstrating commitment to outcomes; Using evidence-based decision making; Going above and beyond to meet and even exceed expectations; Learning and continuous improvement; Measuring and benchmarking outcomes; Respecting limitations; Seeking innovative solutions; Striving for simplicity


  • Qualities include: Prevention; Protecting patients and self; Establishing a ‘safety mindset’; Visible commitment; Recognition and enforcement of safe practices and behaviours; Safe culture to identify concerns; Finding and correcting the ‘root cause’ of errors; Benchmarking against Accreditation Canada safety standards